Sunday, October 24, 2010


"Magnus Opus"
As I sit in silent meditation, I begin to see,
Serpents journey along the sacred river's chi,
Awaken chakras while the serpents intertwine,
I reach the seventh realm through ivory spine.
Peacock colors vast and wide begin to manifest,
Allows renewal of a soul that's never ready to rest,
Cultivate immortality by merging moon with the sun,
I emerge godhead, soon thy great work shall be done.
Oh my glorious dragon ascending from the darkest Abyss,
Amidst the deepest of voidness where I see your fiery bliss.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Winter Forest

"Blackest Flame"
Deep within the withered souls of night,
Comes winds of past winters darkest heights,
Amid the baron misty forest along frozen pines,
Emerges black flame like some sacred relic in time.
Messages from akasha flow as if some wintry powder,
Realizing it was sent by the demons from our lord father.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Creator

"Lord Satan"
Father Satan is our friend, he always looks out for his own,
Encourages us all to succeed, while keeping gentiles strong.
I've dedicated myself to our great Lord Satan without a doubt,
For he is our true creator God, ignoring those that are without.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Satan's Empire

"Satan's Return"
As the moment grows closer towards its ends,
Returning from the depth of his eternal existence,
He begins to grow among his army of dark minions,
Purging out those leeches who dared stood against him.
Oh Lord Satan, our true creator, ruler of these earthly planes,
Master of science and the occults, bringer of justice to millions,
We await liberation of Satan's children amidst your Glorious Reign!

Satan is God

"Gentile Spirit"
A lost child, long repressed from being wild,
Afraid to speak out, so as not to be condemned,
Pretends to pray that ends with a redundant amen,
Goat among sheep conceled from the herdish men.
Wiser I learn that lies were truths and truths were lies,
I realize my true God is Lord Satan and Jehovah is a lie.
Destroyed sacred relics that were once our ancestor's pride,
Suppressed ancient knowledge that the Jews continue to hide.
Gentiles of all colors unite, reclaim our pagan ways with might,
Break the chains of pity, and march towards a new Satanic Reich!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


"The Adversary"
Sameal and Lilith copulate as one,
Produce horned Baphomet, called Cain their son,
Indulging in pleasures, persevering through pain,
Left hand path that leads to the eternal black flame.